Independence Baptist Association
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
A Family of churches cooperating together to reach our communities, state, nation, and world for Christ!
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Minister's Fellowships

This ministry gives the minister's of the association an opportunity
to meet together to share, encourage and pray for one another and their
respective churches. They continue their fellowship by sharing a meal
at a local restaurant at 12pm. Come and join in!
January 8 at Emmanuel Baptist
February 5 at IBA Camp Lodge
March 5 at Rosie Baptist
April 2 Cord - This fellowship has been moved to the IBA office
May 7 at Cord Baptist

(off for summer months)

September 10 Emmanuel
October 1 Ruddell Hill
November 5 IBA Office
December 4 Minister's & Wives Christmas Fellowship
6:30 to 8:00pm
Meal at Calvary, Batesville followed by a presentation
by Michael Kelley

All fellowships are on Mondays beginning at 10:30am
with the exception of December. It is the Winter Bible Study Preview and
minister's fellowship combined on December 10th and begins at 10am. Lunch is at
12 noon and the study concludes at 2pm.

Looking forward to seeing you!